Managing Time


I realize this may be a controversial topic but here goes anyway. I am not convinced that reading books on time management or going courses on time management work for most people. Of course some people will grasp everything discussed or taught with great vigor and change there work lives but most will not. Why is this?

We live in a world where instant gratification is what we all want and the path of least resistance is the road most travelled. You will often hear people described as having the attention span of a gnat and this certainly describes how many people operate. The problem is that learning and assimilating what is learnt takes focus, patience and motivation. A short attention span leads to interruptions and distraction happening all to easily.

So how do these types of people get organized and manage time? They need tools that are inituative and easy to learn how to use. We believe the Ezidoesit software for Microsoft Outlook is such a product. Check it out at www.ezidoesit.com